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River cruises to unique destinations in Europe

Operating 50 company-owned ships and five chartered vessels, the CroisiEurope river cruise company is proud to be one of the greatest river ship owners in Europe. Although the Rhine and its tributaries and the Danube remain the major river cruise destinations in Europe, they knew how to develop creative itineraries that appeal to everyone, and to expand cruises to unique destinations.

These include the Seine and the Rhône, of course, but also the Tisza in Hungary, the Guadalquivir in Spain, the Douro in Portugal, the Dordogne, and the Garonne in Bordeaux. Don’t forget our more exotic destinations as well: the Mekong in Vietnam and the Lake Kariba in Southern Africa.

Explore music, culture, and breathtaking landscapes on one of our river cruises in Europe. While onboard, our friendly and attentive staff will ensure your experience is as pleasurable as possible. You will be delighted by the exquisite gourmet options - each meal on your cruise will give you a delightful experience of French haute cuisine. Discover your dreams on one of our European riverboat cruises and enjoy an All-inclusive dream cruise.