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A little bit about us and why we do what we do.

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Why do we do what we do?

Because a good deal shouldn't come at the expense of great service.

Simply stated, we were founded on the belief that you can provide a great deal and still provide great service. We use our love of travel to bring our Savings, Service, Satisfaction motto to you. We are obsessively passionate about this and work every day to save you money and time while cultivating the best possible travel experience.

This belief has made TravelPerks the 3rd largest Dream Vacations franchise (of over 2,500) and the most awarded of all time.

Meet the Owners

About Gary & Theresa

Owners Gary E. Smith and Theresa Graham were born travelers. Gary went on his first Caribbean cruise at the age of 14, and Theresa embarked on a grand 3-year adventure to the Philippines at the age of 21. Since that first spark of excitement so many years ago, they have not stopped exploring the world and stockpiling that knowledge and experience.

In 2018, Gary was honored as the Elite Cruise Counselor of the year through CLIA. This award is one of the top honors in the entire industry and solidified how our hard work and continued service to our clients has truly been recognized.