Tours & Custom Trips

Looking to cover lots of ground, possibly with the guidance of a local expert? Tours or custom trips might be right for you.

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Why tours?

Explore multiple destinations with an expert guide

Tours are a wonderful way to explore multiple destinations while being led by an expert guide—whose knowledge and insight will provide you with a wealth of information about the cities you are visiting. Utilizing carefully planned itineraries to ensure you get the most out of your travel, tours map out the most significant museums, historical sites, and traditional restaurants... even where to find the "must-have" souvenirs. 

In addition to the standard itinerary, most tours offer optional side-excursions, providing you with even more opportunities to soak up the local culture, and/or exclusive access to the region's most popular destinations.

Let's explore tour providers.

These are a small selection of the tour providers with which we work. We also have a roster of locally-owned companies for more niche opportunities. 

Reach out to our team of travel agents - we'll find you the perfect fit!

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If you can't find the perfect itinerary...

Build your own trip

While tours offer so many opportunities and unique itineraries, sometimes the perfect option means building your trip from scratch. If we can't find you an ideal itinerary through a tour provider, a travel agent can build your vacation from the ground up.

Please note: While our services are generally free to you, an advanced "plan-to-go fee" for custom trips may be required in the event you seek planning advice only and don't aim to book your trip through TravelPerks.

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Ready to build that dream itinerary into a reality?

Whether you know exactly the trip you're aiming to create or the pieces still need to be fit together, let's start planning your dream vacation.

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