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Beautiful coastlines and a vast variety of cultures and landscapes make Europe one of the top vacation destinations in the world. The close proximity of European countries also makes it an ideal destination for land tours Whether by sea or by land, you can take a step back in time and learn about the unique history that makes Europe one of the most exciting destinations for history lovers and adventurists alike.

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Photograph of narrow European Streets at dusk, taken by photographer Jim DIvine

Endless possibilities await in Europe.

Europe has so much to offer, from the stunning gothic-inspired architecture of Barcelona to the sights and sounds (and fabulous shopping) of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. You can explore the history of the Vikings in Scandinavia, be awe-inspired in the breathtaking Alps, explore the ruins of old forts on the shores of Croatia, or visit the unspoiled lakes of Slovakia and Slovenia for some amazing photo ops. Europe holds seemingly endless opportunities for where to go and what to do, which is what makes it such a great repeat destination!

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Photograph of white coastal buildings with colourful rooves along the Adriatic Sea, taken by photographer Aleksandar Pasaric
Portrait oriented photograph of green Northern Lights at night, as seen from still water off a Scandinavian coast. Taken by photographer Benjamin Suter

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Check out some top European cities.

Plan your resort, tour, or cruise vacation to these popular destinations.


With its charming buildings (that haven't changed much since the 1700s) and winding canals, Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. The coffee and cafe culture is buzzing in this lively city, along with galleries and museums. Or do one of our personal favorites, a food walking tour, where there is so much to see and do (and eat)! 

How about visiting the famous Van Gogh and Rembrandt House Museum or taking a canal boat cruise from the harbor in front of the Central Station? Most of this city is accessible on foot. You can also do the many locals do, and ride a bicycle!


From afternoon siestas to sensational tapas, this bustling city is proud of its heritage... and it shows. Take a stroll through Gaudi's famous Park Güell and visit the [still unfinished] Sagrada Familia cathedral. Barcelona boasts world-class shopping and cuisine, and be sure to try the many tapas including pan con tomato, boquerones, and delicious cured meats and cheeses. 

You can also take an excursion to cave country and learn about the history and production of this delicious sparkling wine. Whether you are into exploring historic sites, or would rather relax on a sunny Mediterranean beach, Barcelona has something for everyone.


This Irish capital city is one of the most-enjoyed cities in all of Europe. Enjoy a traditional Irish breakfast before you set off exploring for the day, which may include a visit to the Guinness Brewery, Dublin Writers Museum, or a historic walking tour.


Dubrovnik is full of history and culture, and you can walk just about anywhere! The historic Old Town, rising just above the turquoise waters of the Dalmatian coast, is quite a sight to behold, both from afar and from within the medieval-era walled-in city. 

Take the Dubrovnik Cable Car high above the city for breathtaking views, where you can see for up to 37miles on a clear day! It is also a great city for people-watching at one of the many sidewalk cafes. Don't forget to try a Croatian-made wine!


Europe meets Asia in Istanbul, and you can certainly see the influence of both continents in this vibrant city. You can visit Sultanahmet, a tourist hot-spot filled with shops and cafes, see the Blue Mosque and underground cisterns, enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the Grand Bazaar (where you will not leave empty-handed).

Don't forget to experience a true Turkish delicacy: a very strong coffee and Turkish delight. Finally, enjoy a relaxing sunset at a cafe overlooking the Bosporus with flavored shisha, another local delicacy.


London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, which is readily apparent in history, styles, and culture of each of its very distinctive neighborhoods From the funky hip neighborhoods of Camden Town and East London to the bustling financial district (which is home to the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral), there is so much to see and do in this major metropolitan city. 

Experience upscale cuisine, or a newspaper-wrapped serving of fish and chips, washed down with a brew from one of the many lively pubs. Take a walking tour of the city to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey and, of course, no trip to London is complete without watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.


The "City of Light" is a city that stimulates the senses at every twist and turn. Paris is truly a magnificent city, from the decadent, world-renowned cuisine to the architectural magnificence of prominent landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. 

Sip on a café au lait and enjoy a freshly baked croissant before setting off to explore the famed Louvre Museum or Moulin Rouge. You will quickly see for yourself how friendly the locals actually are!


Whether you fly into Rome or visit from the port of Civitavecchia, this magical city is not to be missed! Explore ancient history by visiting the Coliseum on a daytime walking tour, or venture into Vatican City to catch a glimpse of the Sistine Chapel. 

Explore the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, where legend holds that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you are sure to one day return! Dine on classic Italian cuisine paired perfectly with local wines, but don’t forget about a really great Italian treat, gelato!


Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia and was once named "Europe's Capital of Culture", and for good reason. This seaside city is filled with artists and cafés tucked within bright colorful buildings and beautifully-kept and manicured streets. 

Learn about the history of the Vikings at this Museum and visit Gamla Stan (Old Town), one of the largest neighborhoods filled with 16th-century buildings in Europe. Don't forget to try the meatballs with lingonberry sauce!

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