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Luxury Yacht Cruises

Relax on an award-winning luxury yacht as you sail the world’s oceans.

The river cruise experience

Embark on a journey throughout Europe or Southeast Asia and explore the cultures and traditions of new destinations, all from the comfort of an Emerald Cruises Star-Ship.

Explore the extraordinary

Whether you’re searching for a tropical haven, looking for sunny shores, wanting to explore new cultures, or longing to relax on board, you’ll discover a world of adventure when sailing with Emerald Cruises.

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Generous Amenities

Bask in stylish interiors, innovative features, and a wealth of generous amenities.

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Why Emerald Cruises?

The perfect platform for new, luxurious experiences

Whether you’re traveling to unspoiled islands or bustling metropolises, Emerald's fleet of river-cruising Star-Ships and ocean-going luxury yachts guarantees an unparalleled voyage. Enjoy modern exploration, pairing authentic adventures with inimitable luxury.

Their river & ocean yacht cruises and tours are the perfect platform for new experiences. Emerald's horizon-expanding excursions are another inclusion on your journey, opening you up to more than just the ports of these beautiful destinations. They want to transport you to the heart of local life, looking into the soul of what makes people tick and we do this by including the most awe-inspiring excursions and events courtesy of their EmeraldEXCURSIONS, EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE programs.

Our all-inclusive promise means that your time onboard an Emerald Waterways Ship will be as relaxing as possible. An extensive selection of dining and drinking options on board are also included. Complimentary wine, beer, and soft drinks are available with lunch and dinner, as well as free tea and coffee all day every day and a bottle of water in your room which is replenished daily.

Our chefs thoughtfully craft their menus to suit the path you’re traveling, using fresh local ingredients and, therefore, treating every sense to a diverse adventure.

Select from elegant dining venues, and find an attentive service team at each one. Enjoy chef-pampered meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is no shortage of culinary excellence onboard.

Explore destinations in-depth with river cruises in some of the world's most beautiful places. Explore Europe and Russia with cruises through France, Portugal, and the Volga River. Take a trip through the Mekong River and explore the charms of Southeast Asia! Emerald is part of the Scenic family of cruises and is their value-focused brand.

Explore romantic destinations like the Mediterranean onboard an Emerald Waterways Yacht. Access some of Europe's most exciting ports with the Adriatic Coast itinerary. Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Red Sea, where you can explore archeological monuments in abundance.