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With Oceania, every detail is an utter oasis at sea.

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Why Oceania?

Experience only the finest at sea with Oceania Cruises

With Oceania, you’re sure to experience the finest accommodations at sea with the OLife™ Difference. You can expect gourmet cuisine, award-winning itineraries with more than 450 destinations, port-extensive voyages, small luxurious ships, country club casual ambiance, exceptional personalized service, and epicurean enrichment programs, all while sailing with Oceania!

What's new?

  • Oceania has an additional 1,200 guest Allura Class ship, the Allura, on order for delivery in 2025- keep your eye out for more information!

Experience the finest cuisine at sea with Oceania! With OceaniaNEXT, you’ll have ample choices and diversity with regional specialties, keeping your dining experience exciting and unique. Talented chefs onboard create culinary masterpieces from around the globe! You can dine in the main dining room, a specialty restaurant, the La Reserve by Wine Spectator, or in the Privee, a private dining room where up to 10 guests can enjoy a luxury dining experience.

Activities and entertainment onboard are meant to enrich and delight guests. Spend time in the culinary center, where you can attend a cooking class at sea, or the artist’s loft, where you can participate in an art lesson from experienced artists. Curl up with a good book in the library, or attend a destination, cultural, or wellness talk by esteemed lecturers. You can test your luck at the Monte-Carlo-style casino or attend a live show of pianists, classical string quartets, vocalists, and other headliners.

Onshore experiences on Oceania Cruises are designed for seasoned travelers seeking a slice of local culture. Destination specialists curate excursions at over 450 ports around the globe to introduce you to the best of your destination. Oceania provides several excursion types:

Beyond Blueprints- A rare and behind-the-scenes look at the architecture of iconic and fascinating landmarks of your destination.

Culinary Discovery Tours- Connects you with the culinary culture of your destination with food foraging tours, cooking classes, and lunches. Culinary experts lead food and wine tours to provide you with behind-the-scenes experience and unique insights.

Executive Collection- A personalized experience where you receive a driver and a guide who design the itinerary onshore according to your interests

Go Green Tours- an opportunity to see how local communities and businesses are conserving, sustaining, and elevating their environments.

With more evening and late-night departures and overnight stays, evening excursions are easier to attend- giving you a unique experience at your destination.

With destination-rich itineraries around the globe, you can travel the world in style with Oceania.

  • Europe
    • The Mediterranean
    • Greek Isles
    • French Riviera
    • Transoceanic
  • Northern Europe
    • Baltic and Scandinavia
    • Ireland and the British Isles
    • Northern Fjords
    • Greenland
    • Iceland
  • North America and Canada
  • The Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • Panama Canal
  • Bermuda
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South Pacific and Tahiti
  • Australia and New Zealand