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Le Ponant

Le Ponant, the company's iconic three mast sailing ship, provides a cruising experience that reconnects with the elements.


Polar, tropical and subtropical expeditions: PONANT takes you up close and personal, far from the beaten path taken by cruises.

Luxe à la française

French luxury and attentive service defines PONANT cruising. Discover a high-end and authentic journey to exceptional destinations.

Catamaran Sailing

Coming in 2024, a new luxury catamaran - The Spirit of Ponant - will be available for private charter, and per-cabin for select itineraries.

Leisure & Well-Being

Enjoy a moment of tranquillity at the spa or around the pool, work-out in the fitness room, or enjoy a theatre show with your travel companions.

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Why Ponant?

Yacht cruises & expeditions with first-class, intuitive service

Ponant aims to offer you a bespoke cruise, so they work hard every day to offer you first-class, intuitive service. Their staff is attentive and experienced, they will ensure you are comfortable and respond to all your requests, whether while in your stateroom, lounges or in our various dining areas.

Enjoy a moment of tranquility at the spa or around the pool, work out in the fitness room, enjoy a theatre show with your travel companions. Their ships have a variety of well-designed spaces to offer you space for relaxation or shared enjoyment to enhance your journey.

PONANT takes care to instill the French 'art of living' even on the other side of the world. They respect the highest standards of cuisine and offer a varied menu, created by chefs using superior quality ingredients, beautifully presented and flavorsome.

Choosing a PONANT “Expedition” cruise means choosing a state of mind: a blend of luxury, exploration and great comfort, adventure and refinement... even in the heart of the most remote regions. PONANT Expedition Cruises not only give you the chance to travel on board a luxury ship, but also to enjoy top-quality services and go on a voyage of discovery to far-flung corners of the earth, accompanied by experts on the regions visited.

PONANT sets sail for legendary locales throughout Europe, from the charming capitals of the Baltic States (Latvia's Riga, Estonia's Tallinn) to points both north (including St Petersburg) and south (the Mediterranean's Athens, Istanbul, Naples, and Venice).

Depending on the itinerary you select, your PONANT Europe cruise may include a visit to Bergen, "Capital of the Fjords" (its brightly painted and gabled homes are Norwegian icons), vibrant Galway (where Ireland's most ancient traditions are still very much alive), Ibiza (world-famous for its sun-drenched beaches and its spirited nightlife), and/or Dubrovnik (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, magnificently restored and surrounded by medieval ramparts).

  • Northern Europe & Scandinavia
  • Africa, Middle East, and Indian Ocean
  • Antarctica
  • Central America
  • Atlantic Coast
  • Caribbean
  • Asia
  • Alaska
  • North America
  • Red Sea
  • Oceania & Pacific Islands
  • The Arctic
  • The Mediterranean