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Scenic Eclipse and Eclipse II

The Scenic Eclipse vessels are built to bring you to hard-to-reach destinations.

Luxurious Accommodations

Just because you're traversing rugged terrain doesn't mean you have to sacrifice luxury.

Adventure Experts

Each Scenic Eclipse voyage is equipped with adventure and nature experts to help you dive deeper into your destination.

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Why Choose Scenic Eclipse?

Where 6-Star Luxury Meets Discovery

At Scenic, when they say all-inclusive, that’s what they mean. As the curators of Scenic Wonder, they proudly invite you to experience the all-inclusive luxury lifestyle of their floating world, with them.

From the ground up, every aspect of our 6-star service is state-of-the-art. From airport transfers and tips to the exclusive Zodiac and kayak excursions, all elements of your luxury experience at sea have been designed to provide an ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our world-class luxury and indulgence start from the moment you step foot onboard the World’s First Discovery Yacht. A combination of seamless travel and no need for your credit card at check-in means that you’ll arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed – ready for an unforgettable experience.

Scenic Discovery excursions offer rich insights and exploration of your chosen destination. Our expert Discovery Team of activity guides, marine biologists, historians, geologists, and expert local guides accompany guests to share their knowledge from their local experience and in-depth research of the regions. Or choose from a wide range of Scenic Freechoice activities, meticulously curated to cater to your fitness level and interest. From active to the relaxed pace and Zodiac excursions to discovering your surroundings on a unique stand-up paddleboard experience to cooking lessons, there’s something for everyone.

Featuring spacious lounges, luxurious dining areas, and the intimate Champagne Bar, unwinding over delectable food is an everyday occurrence when setting sail on the World’s First Discovery Yacht.

Enjoy your aperitif at the elegant Lobby Lounge, or take time out to enjoy a plate of delicious oysters paired with a perfect glass of Pinot Gris at the Azure Bar & Café.

Our premium ethos of truly all-inclusive is carried seamlessly throughout your time onboard Scenic Eclipse, and our dining experiences are no exception to this rule, including our Chef’s Table experience, which offers an exclusive degustation session for 10 guests, and an extremely intimate, 8-guest Teppanyaki grill experience.

Enjoy our complimentary beverages throughout the ship. From our specialty tea in the Observatory, to your favorite aged single malt whiskey or fine wine, you can enjoy our all-inclusive drinks either in our spacious bar areas or from the comfort of your verandah suite.

Accessible to all Scenic Eclipse guests, the Senses Spa is a place of absolute tranquility. The spacious lounges and bars cater to our intimate guest numbers with ease. Indulge in one of our many outdoor areas, including the Sun Terrace and the Observation Terrace that overlooks the yacht’s bow, as well as spa and pool decks that provide the perfect vantage point to spot incredible landmarks and wildlife.

Our therapeutic jacuzzis and wellness areas, complete with indoor and outdoor pools, are perfect for evening pampering sessions. The gym, yoga, and pilates studio are ideal for keeping fit, stretching those tired legs, and finding your center during your time onboard.