Service Levels

Your vacation purchase isn’t only about price; it's about you being taken care of – and we do that better than anyone else.

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Enjoy Free Service Level Upgrades!

Free Service Level Upgrade (1 level) for EACH of the following:

  • Free upgrade when Vacation is 11 Days (10 nights or longer)
  • Free upgrade when booking mini-suites, suites, and their equivalents
  • Complimentary matching upgrades for additional cabins in the same household travelling together(*1)

Deluxe Service ($29.95/reservation)

Choose our Deluxe Service for supreme ease in your vacation planning. Our Price Assurance Guarantee saves you the inconvenience of comparison shopping and provides peace of mind that you have booked a great deal. Our experts are here to help you with their recommendations on destinations, the cruise line that fits you best, stunning resorts, and not-to-be-missed excursions. With Deluxe Service you will receive:

  • 7 day-a-week reservation assistance from trained industry specialists for the best vacation choices
  • Maximum Savings and Bonuses
  • Access to Group Savings & Services - Even for 1 Reservation
  • Price Reduction Monitoring(*2)
  • Shore Excursion Savings(*3) & Alternatives Info
  • Travel Insurance Shopping Guidance & Savings
  • Price Assurance Guarantee(*4)

Platinum Service ($69.95/reservation)

An economical step-up from Deluxe, our Platinum Service affords you all of the benefits of Deluxe Service, with extra focus on providing even greater savings and security. We allow you to focus on relaxing, exploring, and most importantly, enjoying your vacation. With Platinum Service you will receive:

Everything in Deluxe Service PLUS

  • 33% Discount on Dream Vacations Airfare Service Fees
  • 50% Discount on Hotel Service Fees
  • Hardcopy mailings as needed/requested

Concierge+ Service ($119.95/reservation)

For the ultimate in stress-free vacation planning, choose Concierge+ Service which provides all of the advantages of our Deluxe and Platinum levels, but exclusively offers important touches to get you to your destination free of worry and with all of the little details taken care of. With Concierge+ service you will receive:

Everything in Deluxe & Platinum PLUS

  • Free Assistance with Hotel and "Independent Travel" Items
  • 66% Discount on Dream Vacations airfare service fees
  • Customized Trip Report with detailed information on your upcoming trip
  • Subscription to our World Traveler Magazine(*5)
  • Custom printed luggage tags delivered to your door(*6)

Airfare Arrangement Options

Should you require airfare to accompany your trip, there are three primary options for the arranging your flights.

  1. Allow the Cruise Line / Tour Company to make all the needed arrangements
  2. Make all the arrangements yourself
  3. Allow TravelPerks Dream Vacations to make all the needed arrangements

We recommend you review these options with your TravelPerks Vacation Specialist to determine what is best.

1) Cruise Line / Tour Company

We highly recommend travel insurance with all vacations to protect against airline and other unforeseen issues


  • The cost of air travel can be lower or included in the price when purchased through the cruise/tour company. This is especially true for resort package vacations where the air and resort and packaged together.
  • Should inclement weather or unforeseeable circumstances delay your flight, the cruise line / operator will be aware, and assist you (very limited as to what they can do). Please note, most often, tour operators and cruise lines will rely on your having purchased insurance to cover any assistance you may need. See note above.
  • Payment is usually required up front as part of the deposit amount, by occasionally may not be due until time of final payment. Deposits and cancellation charges may change.


  • Cruises: Your routing and airline schedule is usually arranged close-in to sailing by the cruise line and may include connecting flights as deemed necessary by the airline or cruise line. Your routing may include a stopover or change of planes, especially with flights to Europe, the Orient, South Pacific, Mexico, and/or the opposite coast of the United States. As a general rule, you are scheduled to depart from and return to the same airport. You usually have no control over the flights, routing, or times selected by the cruise line. To gain control over your flights, or to have flights allow for non-cruise line pre- or post-hotel packages, you may have to pay a deviation fee assessed by the cruise line along with any additional costs for the airfare itself. If you desire a deviation, please inform us as soon as possible.
  • Resorts/Tours: Usually no disadvantage as your airfare schedule is known up front.
  • Both: Can’t use miles or reward options. Service fees range from zero to $90 per reservation.

2) Do It Yourself

We highly recommend travel insurance with all vacations to protect against airline and other unforeseen issues


  • Most likely to get the lowest total fare for domestic tickets, and a majority of the time on international tickets
  • Total control over your flights
  • Able to use frequent flyer miles, etc.


  • Requires the most time on your part
  • You are responsible for any incorrect tickets. You are responsible for all changes to the tickets.
  • Only covered by insurance if you specifically request it to be, pay any increased premiums and provide the flight details to your vacation specialist.

3) TravelPerks

We highly recommend travel insurance with all vacations to protect against airline and other unforeseen issues


  • TravelPerks does the work of finding flights for you at the best current pricing, while allowing you to have full input. We use our expertise to find the best flights at the best price.
  • Sometimes, especially on flights to Europe and other international destinations, we can find lower prices. Our prices should never be higher than what you find on your own.
  • Least inconvenience for you


  • Service fees of $75 domestic and $125 international, per cabin/room is charged upfront for our time, even if you later choose to buy the tickets yourself. Concierge+ Service customers receive a 50% discount on air service fees.
  • You are responsible for all changes and change costs to the tickets. TravelPerks may not get involved with cancellations and rebookings. In most cases tickets are non-refundable, but some of our ‘cruise’ fares are.
  • We cannot redeem frequent flyer miles, etc.

Please Notify TravelPerks Dream Vacations of your Choice as Early in the Reservation Process as Possible

Unless notified otherwise, TravelPerks Dream Vacations will assume that all travel arrangements to/from your cruise/tour are being handled by the client and TravelPerks Dream Vacations will assume no responsibility beyond arranging the cruise/tour-only portion of your trip

*1 - Airfare service fee reduction and independent travel assistance is only complimentary on additional cabins if they are doing exactly the same things as the cabin earning/purchasing the Platinum and/or Concierge+ service. If the additional cabins desire different flights, hotels, etc. then they will need to purchase/earn the upgrade as well.

*2 - As an added bonus to you, from the time of your deposit to the time of final payment, we monitor the price of your vacation and if we can find a way to lower your costs, we do! This applies to all cruise line pricing only and reduction in fares may also result in reduction in bonuses, so we’ll only take lower prices if there is overall benefit to you the client.

*3 - Made through Shore Excursion Group via the links provided by us. There is no guarantee Shore Excursion Group will have offerings in every port/destination.

*4 - Price Assurance Guarantee: We are so confident that we have the best combination of price and service for you that we’ll match or beat any quote you receive for identical trips - plus you get our great service. Due to the limitations of travel industry practices, this offer applies only to quotes presented to us prior to your making a deposit and only on identical trips (the entire invoice) booked FIT (non-group). Please see our Price Monitoring Service for post deposit price protection.

*5 - Subscription will run up to 2 years after the end of the qualifying trip.

*6 - If not provided by cruise line and subject to availability