A Look Inside Virgin Voyages' Cabins

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

There's no secret Virgin Voyages is one of the hottest new experiences at sea. So what's it like to sail on one of their ships? Let's take a look at their accommodations.

Virgin first launched in 2021, with Scarlet Lady sailing from Portsmouth, UK in August and later from Miami. Since then, Virgin Voyages has added three more ships to their fleet: Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady, & Brilliant Lady. All four ships are nearly identical, so let's see what it's like to sail in one of their cabins.


The Sea Terrace

Virgin Voyages' Sea Terrace cabins offer a vibrant and modern maritime experience. With stylish design and panoramic ocean views, they provide a sense of spaciousness and comfort. What sets them apart is their innovative layout, featuring an adaptable Seabed that transforms from lounging area to sleeping space, maximizing guest comfort and relaxation.

Sea Terrace categories include: Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, XL Sea Terrace, and LTD Sea Terrace.

Enjoy a vibrant and modern maritime experience in your Sea Terrace.
Their adaptable Seabeds transform from a lounging area to sleeping space.
Virgin Voyages' Sea Terrace Bathrooms
Take in the sea from your XL Sea Terrace balcony, complete with your own hammock.

Sea View

Virgin Voyages' Sea View cabins offer stunning ocean vistas and modern design. With cozy amenities and clever space utilization, they provide a comfortable and immersive maritime experience.

Plus, their solo sea view cabins make great accommodations for solo travelers.

Sea View Cabin
Solo Sea View Cabin

The Insider

Don't let these inside cabins fool you: they're still luxury at sea! Plus: Virgin Voyages' Insider Cabins come in three options: The Insider, The Solo Insider, and the Social Insider.

The Insider
The Solo Insider
The Social Insider is a great option for groups on a budget.

Rockstar & Mega Rockstar Quarters

Virgin Voyages' Mega Rockstar cabins redefine luxury at sea. While amenities differ per suite, these opulent suites boast private terraces, hot tubs, and exclusive access to VIP areas. Included is an unparalleled level of personalized service, like a dedicated Rockstar Agent catering to every whim, ensuring an unforgettable and indulgent experience.

Rockstar Quarters include: Brilliant Suite, Cheeky Corner Suite, Seriously Suite, & Sweet Aft Suite; Mega Rockstar Quarters include: Fab Suite, Gorgeous Suite, Massive Suite, & Posh Suite

For more information on what's included or to compare each suite, download this handy guide!

Brilliant Suite Interior
Cheeky Corner Suite
Of course, some rockstar quarters include your own record player!
Why not spring for the massive suite?
Massive Suite exterior
Massive Suite bathroom

Deck Plans

Virgin Voyages' deck plans are meticulously designed for maximum enjoyment at sea. With innovative spaces like the Athletic Club and The Dock, guests can indulge in fitness or relaxation. Their diverse dining options, from upscale to casual, ensure every palate is satisfied. Plus, the absence of traditional buffets promotes a more refined dining experience.

You can also download the deck plan here.

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