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How to Get the Best Couples Cruise Experience

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

An older couple drink wine as they enjoy the river view from their cruise balcony.

Valentine’s Day makes February one of the most romantic months of the year. The gestures of love and commitment will carry couples through many unforgettable adventures and memories all month. One of the most unforgettable opportunities a couple can take is a cruise, spending time away from the stressors of daily life out on the open ocean.

Travelperks has outlined some of the best activities for couples on a handful of cruise lines. Our friendly staff is available seven days a week to help build the cruise you and your partner will cherish forever.

We are in peak booking season making it one of the best times of the year to give a gift that not only offers a beautiful experience but an intimate vacation with your loved one. Here is our list of unique activities for couples to share on a cruise:

1. Royal Caribbean

A couple dances while smiling.

Culinary Classes: Spend your trip learning skills you can bring back home to the kitchen. Learn how to prepare exquisite food with your partner to help amplify date nights during the week. Dine with your partner in the romantic settings that Royal Caribbean has to offer.

Latin Dance Classes: There are few things more romantic than dancing to beautiful Latin music. Take the time on your cruise to experience a different culture and have an intimate experience with your valentine. Take the dance lessons home with you to have exciting nights whenever the moment calls for it.

Mystery Dinner Theatre: Spend your night with wonderful food and a case to crack. This is perfect for the couple that likes to test their critical thinking skills and dreams of solving a murder mystery together.

2. Norwegian Cruises

A man accepts fruit from a server while he and his wife relax in lounge chairs on deck.

Live Music and Broadway Shows: Don’t miss out on Broadway shows just because you’re out on the ocean. Norwegian brings these incredible shows together right on the ship so you can experience the wonders of theatre next to the person you love.

Wine Tasting at The Cellar: New to Norwegian is The Cellar, their first-ever wine bar. Find a spot in the beautifully lit bar and test your palate with wine tastings or try flavors from around the world. Norwegian offers tasting tables that have programs for experts and novices alike.

*The Cellar is exclusive to the Norwegian Escape

Relax at The Haven: Hidden away at the top of the ship is The Haven by Norwegian, home to our most luxurious, well-appointed and spacious accommodations. Not only will you have access to all the ship has to offer, you'll enjoy the personal service of a concierge and 24-hour butler throughout your entire stay. 

On top of that, complete privacy and tranquility are just steps away on a sundeck reserved exclusively for guests of The Haven. From embarkation to debarkation, boarding of tenders to shore, onboard entertainment to dining times you will have priority. In your own ship within a ship, The Haven will make for a unique experience you'll never forget.

3. Princess Cruises

Couples Shore Excursions: Build custom excursions with Princess and know that you’ll never be left behind. Princess guarantees you will not be left behind so you can fully commit to an adventure on the shore. Get your feet on the ground and travel the world while having a luxurious cruise ship to rest in at night. 

These custom excursions will create the perfect opportunity to become a world traveler with your partner. Your Travel Advisor at TravelPerks can help you build the perfect adventure!

Relaxation Time in the Sanctuary: Princess’ Sanctuary is an adult’s paradise. A private upper-level area for adults and parents to relax and enjoy the ocean air. Offering an “Ocean of Calm” with massages in private cabanas with a lighter menu including smoothies and a full-service bar.

4. Celebrity Cruises

A couple embraces on the deck of a Celebrity Cruise ship at night, the ship's colourful lights cast a pink glow.

Canyon Ranch At Sea and The Spa On Edge: Celebrity offers a new standard of personal care with their spas. The Canyon Ranch is designed to create a relaxing environment in a modern fashion. The Spa on Edge offers more than 22,000 square feet for you to experience tranquility on board.

Hot Glass Class: Learn a new skill and blow glass right out of the furnace. Celebrity Cruises offers the unique experience of the Hot Glass Class so you can make beautiful pieces of art right on the deck. Learn with your partner on the ship in between relaxing together and exploring the world.

A Taste of Film: Ready to unwind after a long day in the sun? Their new Rooftop Terrace offers “an exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors, satisfy your love of movies, and sizzle your taste buds all at once.”

TravelPerks Booking Tips

We’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, January through March is the cruise industry's peak season for promotions and selling! Keep an eye out for your dream destination during this time and there’s a good chance you’ll find promotions or deals that give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

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