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The Truth About Cruising: 7 Myths Busted

Last Updated: June 3, 2024

The MYTHS...

Myth: There's nothing to do on-board... cruises aren't fun.

Reality: Cruise ships are chock full of entertainment. Most ships offer movies, musical theater, karaoke, spas, nightclubs, gyms, pools, and activities for kids. Ask your travel agent in advance to clue you in on the available onboard activities before you book. From wine tastings and cooking classes to concerts, theater, and 80's-themed parties, there is literally something for everyone. Don't forget the plethora of onboard adventures like zip-lines and water slides that are available on many contemporary cruise ships, and the endless array of shore excursion options. (photo via Norwegian Cruise Line)

Play Laser Tag or Mini Golf, book an excursion, visit the ship's spa, or sign up for one of many on-ship activities!

Myth: Cruise ships are claustrophobic and over-populated - once you're aboard, you're trapped.

Reality: There are several different sizes of cruise ships, but none of them are small by any stretch of the imagination. For instance, Royal Caribbean's new Harmony of the Seas, weighs in at over 226 thousand tons and is over 1,110 feet long. It is more like a small city than a large boat. Larger ships have activities of every kind from the cerebral to the hedonistic both day and night. Most itineraries feature several ports of call, where you can get out, stretch your legs, and explore. Plus, many ships offer the opportunity to stay connected to reality via onboard wi-fi. (photo via Royal Caribbean)

Royal Caribbean's 'Harmony of the Seas' boasts a length that exceeds the height of the Eiffel Tower, and is almost twice that of the Washington Monument!

Myth: You'll get seasick.

Reality: Unlike your Grandad's sailboat, most passenger ships, large or small, are equipped with stabilizers that take almost all of the motion out of the ocean. Unless you are cruising in very rough seas, you are likely to forget you are even afloat. However, if you get sick easily, there are still options: book a cabin in the middle of a deck and lower in the ship, at the ships natural balance point; bring seasickness medication or wristbands, or visit the ships clinic.

Myth: Cruises are expensive you probably can't afford it

Reality: Tons of affordable options exist for the frugal cruiser. Contemporary lines like Caribbean and Carnival tend to be cheaper than their luxury counterparts, but offer no shortage of perks. What turns a relatively small price tag into a larger one is onboard extras like gambling, drinking, spa treatments, shore excursions, and specialty dining. To make the most of your budget, don't book direct. Instead use a travel agent that can turn you onto the latest exclusive deals, onboard credits, bonus freebies, and more. (photo via MSC Cruises)

Work with a TravelPerks agent to get the best deals and on-board perks, often missed when you book direct.

Myth: Cruises make you fat.

Reality: One of the biggest and longest-standing cruise myths is that you'll gain a ton during your trip. This likely has to do with the incredible variety and availability of inexpensive food (buffets) that have been ubiquitous aboard cruise ships since the beginning. While it's true that there are plenty of low-cost options, most cruises also offer high-end dining options, as well as health-conscious choices. Plus, it is not uncommon to see passengers hitting the gym, swimming laps in the pools, or jogging around the onboard track to keep the pounds down. (photo via Holland America)

Most cruise lines offer sports and recreation facilities, wellness spas, and gyms. You can also book excursions to get those steps in!

Myth: All cruise cabins are the same... cramped and tiny.

Reality: These days, cruise lines offer a whole host of lodging options. From the simple and compact inside cabin (usually the cheapest) to the grand and stately suites and havens (most expensive), there is a room for every budget and taste. Also, there is some variability within classes of rooms. When considering a booking, have your travel agent check on different floor plans and locations within the ship. The same type of room can be very different depending on how high within the ship it is located (think balconies), as well as proximity to things like kids clubs, bars, or nightclubs. (photo via Ponant)

Working with a TravelPerks agent gives you guidance to the best cabins and floorplans for your needs and preferences. Our insider knowledge will help you get the best experience possible.

Myth: Cruise ships are only for older people who enjoy casinos and buffets.

Reality: Many cruise lines are known for a specific demographic of clientele (party vs. luxury, young vs. old), but chances are the cruise you pick will have a wide range of passengers. While it's true that the majority of cruise passengers are Americans, many ships are becoming more eclectic as cruising takes hold in Europe and Asia. Whether you prefer jazz and martinis, daiquiris and dancing, or juice boxes and water slides, an experienced travel agent can clue you in to the type of ship that is the best fit for you. 

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