Here are some tips on how to decipher abbreviations on your vacation quote.

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The Service Level listed on your quote is the level being provided to you AT NOT COST. This is just one of the many ways we are your best value.

  • Deluxe: Means you are receiving our Deluxe list of services
  • Platinum: Means you are receiving our Platinum list of services + all Deluxe services
  • Concierge+: Means you are receiving our Concierge+ list of services + all Deluxe and Platinum services

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Rate Code Restrictions:

Your Vacation Specialist should list the restrictions for the special pricing provided. Some of the more common restrictions are listed below. Your Vacation Specialist will cover all restrictions at the time of deposit. “Supplier” is the cruise line or the vacation packager.

  • Standard: All normal supplier terms and conditions, normal penalties in effect
  • Group: You are getting special pricing as part of a contract we have negotiated with the vendor. Some restrictions may apply. Ask your Vacation Specialist for Details.
  • Senior: Requires at least one person in the reservation to meet the supplier's definition of Senior Citizen (usually 55+)
  • Special: All normal supplier terms and conditions, plus other restrictions and or potential penalties. See your vacation specialist for details.
  • Resident: Restricted fare that requires at least one person in the reservation to prove that they are residents of the state/country in which the special rate was offered.
  • Flash: All normal supplier terms except no changes or cancellations without full penalties.
  • Fun Select: 2 category upgrade, normal cancellation penalties, no price protection after final payment
  • Past Guest: Special rates for guests who have traveled previously with specified cruise line
  • Early Saver: Price protection up to 48 hours before departure $50 per person change fee, no name changes, non-refundable deposit, normal cancellation penalties
  • Super Saver: Non-refundable deposit, no name changes, no sailing changes, normal penalties after final pay deadline, guarantee cabins only, no price protection


This is our gift to you and it will be waiting for you in your mail box when you return from your vacation. Notes: Estimate only - Recalculated (+/-) only if the costs and/or circumstances of your vacation change. This is the total amount for the entire cabin/room and always sent to the lead passenger in a cabin/room unless specifically instructed otherwise.


This stands for Onboard Credit provided as part of our Perks Plan and represents the funds that will be credited to your onboard charge account within 48 hours of sailing. Ship Credit can usually be spent on any onboard expenses like drinks, spa services, gifts, etc, and occasionally tips. Ship Credit is usually non-refundable if not used.


This is yet another wonderful bonus from us to you. We have arranged a special discount of 5% off all shore excursions purchased through our partner, The Shore Excursion Group when you use either our website or the link that we have provided you in various emails and apply the promo code found on our link and provided in the emails. If you need the link or promo code to ensure you get your extra savings, please ask your Vacation Specialist.


This is yet another benefit of Travel Perks. With all major cruise lines, we monitor your cruise price several times a day. If a lower price is seen to be available and you qualify for that price, we'll lower your price for you or get you an upgrade. Just sit back and relax and we'll save you money.


We guarantee we'll save you money over booking your cruise direct and we promise to be the best overall value you can find anywhere. If you think you've found a better deal, call us and we'll beat it or explain how it isn't apples to apples and how our price is actually better. Don't buy anything without letting us ensure you have the best deal.

Terms & Conditions: Taxes: While cruise fare pricing is locked in once you have made your deposit, the cruise line terms and conditions allows the amount of the taxes to change. While rare, taxes can increase or decrease after your deposit.

Valid only on reservations made by/with TravelPerks Dream Vacations, we offer a "Next to Nothing Deposit" benefit which is limited to sailings of three nights or longer booked at least 110 days prior to departure; and not valid on bookings requiring non-refundable deposits or final payment 110 days or more before departure. Sailing must depart within 18 months of the reservation date or the program service fee will be doubled. All deposits made under the Next to Nothing Deposit Program as well as any service fees associated with the program are completely non-refundable. Amount of initial deposit must be paid 10 days prior to the date on which your final payment is due. If cancellation/rebooking occurs more than twice, the "Next to Nothing Deposit" benefit will become void and a full deposit will be required and the program service fees collected to date kept without refund.

"Cash Back" and "Ship Credit" benefits are per reservation and are not reflected in advertised prices; actual amount will vary and is based on your vacation’s base commissionable package price, minus, but not limited to, taxes, airfare, transfers, non-commissionable costs, and adjusted for combinability with other promotions, rate codes, supplier limits, and other factors as determined by Dream Vacations TravelPerks. Amount will be sent as late as 4 - 6 weeks after the end of the trip, but is targeted to arrive sooner. At this time, no redemption activity (completion of an online form, etc.) is required, but one may be required at any time, even after your reservation has been made.

"Shore Excursion" benefit is per excursion and offered through a promo code provided on our website and on emails and is not reflected in advertised prices. Valid for all excursions booked online through our website or the official links we provide. All benefits may be reduced or eliminated due to supplier rules and policies. Additional restrictions may apply to all benefits; please contact your dedicated agent for more information.

Price reductions, adjustments, and changes to a reservation after initial deposit makes all benefits or bonuses subject to recalculation, reduction and/or elimination at the sole discretion of Dream Vacations TravelPerks. All terms, conditions, and benefits can be changed at any time, without notice.